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Information of Development of Indonesia's Population

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In 2000 the number of Indonesia’s population was 203,456,005. If we compare it with data of cencus in 1990, the number of Indonesia’s population was 179,321,641. So, in 10 years the number of Indonesia’s population grow by 3.4 million per year. If we consider the average growing rate of population in cencus 2000, it shows decrement of growing rate of population per year compared to the growing rate of population in year 1990. This proves the presence of indication of success in KB (Family Palnning) program that was launched by our country in 1970.
If we Consider the development of world population from the side of quantity, Indonesia occupies the fourth rank, after United States. The Largest number of Population in the world is occupied by the people’s Republic of China, then India. Among Asian countries, Indonesia ranks third in number of population.
Most people still live in Java Island. From that number, 17 percent of people live in West Java province, 15 percent live in Central Java and 17 percent live in East Java. While the area of Java Island entirely is only about 7 percent of all terrestrial area in Indonesia. Ironically, union of Molucca, North Molucca and Papua, that has area of about 24 percent of the total area Indonesia is only settled by about 2 percent of population. This condition did not change much in year 2003. That illustration not only shows nonuiformity of the spread of population, but also shows lack of balanced environmental support among the provincies in java Island and outside Java.